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Place Identity Graphic Assessment and Post-disaster Reconstruction



Natural disasters and degradation phenomena interrupt the organic evolution of a place; this phenomenon invests, therefore, a vulnerable and weakened system, which inevitably becomes exposed to risk, within a territorial context already characterized by high seismicity or reduced resilience. The research identifies the tools to assess values and meanings of a territory, that have to be appropriately documented and communicated in order to inform decision-making process for conservation or reconstruction. Landscape documentation and its graphic transcription, according to new technology applications, provide a cognitive framework but also an operative vision to regenerate places and buildings according to local traditions. The research proposes the integration of models, representations and visualizations based on repertoires, high-iconic databases and predictive simulations. Promotion of local identity and psychological and environmental wellbeing requires the definition of tools for collecting and documenting local characters: analysis of urban patterns, construction techniques and tonal analysis of the urban environment, classification of architectural and landscape vocabulary.

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Pages 173-190
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-11422-0_12
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