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A System Using Tag Cloud for Recalling Personal Memories



The research presented here extends a previous prototype that supported human recollection with tag clouds created from the use of a personal calendar and Twitter. That system weighted keywords by combining term frequency and the number of photos taken by users to recall memorable events. The aim in this paper is to improve upon our previous work and present a full system that uses tag clouds for recalling personal memories. The main differences from our previous work are as follows. (1) Multiple information sources such as SNSs or instant messengers can be used. (2) To handle multiple information sources, we present a new unified keyword-weighting algorithm. (3) We implemented new functions, such as keyword search, tag search, and photo display, to form a complete system. Preliminary experiments reveal the usefulness of our system in recalling personal memories.

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Pages 398-405
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-22999-3_35
Language English
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