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The Systems Theory Framework: A Systems Map for Career Theory, Research and Practice



The Systems Theory Framework of career development (STF) recognises the contextually embedded nature of career development through its application of systems thinking and systems mapping. First published almost a quarter of a century ago, the STF continues to serve as a systems map that can inform, conceptualise and integrate contemporary career theory. In addition, the systems maps of the therapeutic system, the school system and the research system provide conceptual and practical maps for career practitioners that stimulate reflection on career practices such as career counselling and career education, and for researchers to consider the status quo of career research. Systems mapping is a process that facilitates analytical reflection on particular issues and has been applied to individual career decision making through the qualitative career assessment instrument My System of Career Influences (MSCI). The MSCI (Adult and Adolescent versions) guide individuals through the construction of their own systems maps of career influences. This chapter overviews the Systems Theory Framework. Applications of the STF are considered and the STF’s utility as a systems map to conceptualise career theory, research and practice at both macro and micro levels is elaborated.

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Pages 97-114
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-25153-6_5
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