Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems | 2021

A Robust and Efficient Micropayment Infrastructure Using Blockchain for e-Commerce



The rapid evolving of Internet and e-commerce technology in recent years has led to rapid growth of online shopping which has become a central part of our daily life. Micropayment systems are emerging rapidly in e-commerce sites although their lack of security and robustness. In this paper, we provide a micropayment infrastructure using the blockchain technology for securing and verifying the payment transactions achieved between buyers and sellers. Moreover, our proposed infrastructure provides ways for managing the trust level of the buyer based on his historical purchases, controlling the size of the block of tokens that will be uploaded into the blockchain network for later validation, and estimating the risk of loss to be handled. Furthermore, we propose three trust models that compute the buyer’s trust value. The behavior of the buyer has an impact on the block size and the risk of loss. Our micropayment infrastructure ensures payment transaction authentication, prevention from double-spending and double-selling, prevention from tokens forging, tracing of payment transaction, protection and prevention against cyber attack, and reduction of the delay of transaction verification and the waiting time of the buyer. Finally, we conduct a simulation to evaluate the performance of our three trust models and show how the behavior of the buyer has an impact on the decision made by the auditing entity.

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DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-80126-7_58
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Journal Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems

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