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An Analysis of Cloud Computing Issues on Data Integrity, Privacy and Its Current Solutions



Cloud computing refers to data sharing, storing of data in cloud storage and sharing resources to the client. While considering data it should be securely protected from unauthorized access. Everything regarding the data security is a top threatening issues, in this paper we discuss about the data integrity issues of the cloud. How the server maintained the data without any loss or any damage using some encryption techniques. In this paper integrity checking is considered as an issue where some unauthorized person is accessing the data. Here the authorization of the data is checked by the data owner or a TPA—third party auditing using RSA and MD5 cryptographic algorithm. The data owner is responsible for giving access permission for the data which it may be public or private for integrity checking. Here the proposed system tells about how the third party auditing checks the integrity to avoid the overwhelming workload for the data owner.

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Pages 467-482
DOI 10.1007/978-981-13-1274-8_35
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