Water Resources and Environmental Engineering I | 2019

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering I: Surface and Groundwater



Prediction of Nitrite and Fluoride Contamination in Ground Water Suing Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) -- Morphometric Analysis of Upper Tapi River Basin: A GIS Approach -- Role of Data Models and Standards in a Hydro Geo-Database -- What Constitutes a Fair and Equitable Water Apportionment? -- Study of Ground Water Quality –Contour Maps of Kamavarapukota Mandal Westgodavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India -- Study of Ground Water Quality – Contour Maps of Kamavarapukota Mandal Westgodavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India -- Estimation of the Sediment Yield for Vamsadhara River Basin Using ILWIS -- Geo Spatial Data Requirements, Software and Analysis for the Study of Floods in Urban Catchments -- Groundwater Recharge through Infiltration Process: A Case Study of Coastal Belt of Mentada to Kovvada, Srikakulam, A.P, India -- Assessment of Geographical Characteristics of Krishna Central Delta Using GIS & RS Techniques -- Poor Storm Water Drainage and Stripping on a Stretch of Nh-1 -- Optimization Techniques on Multipurpose Reservoirs and Surface Water Resources: A Review -- Construction of Artificial Recharge Pit through Injection Well in Tpist Campus -- Impact of Urbanization on Surface Run off Characteristics at Catchment Scale -- Monitoring Surface Water Bodies Using Multi-temporal Landsat Imagery -- Mapping of Groundwater Potential Zones Using Remote Sensing Data -- Estimation of Reservoir Storage Using Artificial Neural Network (Ann) -- Water Distribution Modelling and Analysis for a Developing City -- Urban Watershed Modelling of GHMC Zone-XII -- Impact of Anthropogenic Interventions on the Vembanad Lake System -- Application of Foam and Sand as Dual Media Filter for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System -- Land Use Land Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Shamshabad Region, Hyderabad, Telangana, India -- Hydrological Modeling of Nagavali River Basin Using SWAT -- Application of GIS and Multivariate Statistical Analysis for the Identification of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Groundwater -- Comparison of Event Based and Continuous Rainfall-Run off Models: A Review -- Morphometric Analysis of Selected Drainage Network of Brahmaputra River, NE India Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System -- Estimation of Run off and Planning for Location of Recharge Structure for Sustainable Water Resources Using RS & GIS: A Case Study on Milli-Watershed at Zaheerabad -- Deciphering Groundwater Prospect Zones in Sub-Watershed of Sarada Gadda: A Geospatial Approach -- Design of Storm Water Drainage System – A Case Study -- Assessment of Groundwater Quality at Industrial Zone in Visakhapatnam -- Comparison of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Methods for Sandy Loam Soil with Different Land Uses -- Effect of Fragmented Vegetation Meadows on Wave Attenuation -- A Review On– Caisson Breakwater -- Effect of Gap Width on Wave Attenuation in Artificial Vegetation with Trunk and Root System -- Physical Model Study on Caission Type Breakwater -- Stress Analysis of Ocean Offshore Structure -- Hydrodynamic Study of Deeply Submerged Breakwaters on Reduction of Wave Run-Up, Wave Reflection and Energy Dissipation -- Evaluation of Sediment Yield by Using Remote Sensing and GIS -- Sediment Distribution Pattern Studies for Thandava and Konam Reservoirs in Visakhapatnam District -- The Effects of Earthquakes on Groundwater in Ongole Domain of Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt, South India -- A MATLAB Code For Linking Genetic Algorithm and EPANET for Reliability Based Optimal Design of a Water Distribution Network.

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DOI 10.1007/978-981-13-2044-6
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Journal Water Resources and Environmental Engineering I

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