Engineering With Computers | 2021

Dynamic response of double-FG porous beam system subjected to moving load



In this paper, the vibration response of the double-FG porous beam system (DFGPBS) acted by a moving load is investigated. The DFGPBS composed of two parallel FG porous beams with their material properties varying along both the axial and transverse directions, i.e., bi-directional FG material distribution, is taken into account. The porous imperfection is simulated by distributing the porosity along the beam thickness with even and uneven patterns. The governing equations of this bi-directional DFGPBS under a moving load are established with the aid of the Hamilton principle associated with the Timoshenko beam theory. The Ritz method is adopted to discrete the differential governing equations, which are solved by the Newmark-β approach. The validation of the present model is performed by comparing the numerical results with two previous works. Then, the parametric study is carried out to investigate the influences of bi-directional gradient indices, porosity volume fraction, boundary conditions, stiffness of elastic layer, and velocity of the moving load on the vibration response of bi-directional DFGPBSs excited by a moving load. It is demonstrated that the vibration response of the double-beam system subjected to moving loads can be governed by tailoring the distribution of the bi-directional FG materials. The present work can be used to guide the multi-functional design of a double-beam system under dynamic loadings.

Volume None
Pages 1-20
DOI 10.1007/S00366-021-01376-W
Language English
Journal Engineering With Computers

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