Endocrine Pathology | 2019

Expression of Prox1 in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Is Associated with Chromogranin A and Calcitonin Expression and with Ki67 Proliferative Index, but Not with Prognosis



Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) has been shown to express Prospero homeobox protein 1 (Prox1), a transcription factor whose expression is altered in a variety of human cancers. We conducted a retrospective study on a series of 32 patients with MTC to test the correlation of Prox1 expression in MTC with clinicopathological features and to evaluate its prognostic significance. Correlation of Prox1 immunohistochemical expression with tumor size, proliferative index (Ki67), and calcitonin and CEA serum levels prior to surgery was tested for significant correlations. The difference in Prox1 and Ki67 immunohistochemical expression according to the immunohistochemical staining intensity of CEA, chromogranin A, and calcitonin was tested using the Kruskal-Wallis H test and linear regression analysis. The prognostic value of Prox1 and Ki67 for our patient cohort was assessed by Kaplan-Meier log rank survival analysis. We demonstrated a positive correlation between Prox1 expression and Ki67 index. Prox1 also showed significant difference in expression according to chromogranin A and calcitonin immunohistochemical expression, with higher Prox1 expression in tumors with stronger chromogranin A or calcitonin staining. Prox1 expression did not correlate with PFS or OS based on Kaplan-Meier log rank survival analysis. In conclusion, Prox1 expression in MTC is positively correlated with Ki67 and with the immunohistochemical expression of chromogranin A and calcitonin. However, the present study does not support a role for Prox1 in MTC prognosis.

Volume 30
Pages 138-145
DOI 10.1007/s12022-019-9576-5
Language English
Journal Endocrine Pathology

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