Silicon | 2021

A Novel Teeth Junction Less Gate All Around FET for Improving Electrical Characteristics



In this paper, we propose a novel “Teeth Junctionless Gate All Around Field Effect Transistor” (TH-JLGAA FET) based on gate engineering method, to obtain finer electrical characteristics. A 3 nm TH-JLGAA FET is designed and was scaled up to 14 nm to observe the effect of scaling on device performance. The characteristics are revealed and compared with contemporary JLGAA FETs. The results show that the novel TH-JLGAA FET appears to have finer Sub-thresholdSlope (SS), Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL), transconductance (gm), Ion/Ioff current ratio and threshold voltage roll-off. Moreover, these remarkable characteristics can be controlled by engineering the structure and volume of the gate. In addition, the sensitivities of the novel TH-JLGAA FET device with respect to structural parameters are probed.

Volume None
Pages 1 - 6
DOI 10.1007/s12633-021-00983-y
Language English
Journal Silicon

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