Journal of Fetal Medicine | 2021

Fetal Oropharyngeal Teratoma: A Case Report



Oropharyngeal teratomas are extremely rare fetal tumors and originate from pluripotent stem cells. The tumor typically arises from the palato-pharyngeal region around the basishenoid. These tumors are heterogenous in nature. The reported case was diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation. Ultrasound revealed a heterogenous, lobulated facial mass protruded from the oral cavity without any hypervascularity or intracranial extension. There was no evidence of polyhydromnios. After counseling, the parents opted for termination of pregnancy. Histopathological examination from the exophytic mass was consistent with immature teratoma containing components of all three germ cell layers. Genetic testing and fetal autopsy could not be arranged due to financial and infrastructural constraints.

Volume 8
Pages 237 - 241
DOI 10.1007/s40556-021-00319-1
Language English
Journal Journal of Fetal Medicine

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