Applied Numerical Mathematics | 2019

Dispersive and dissipative properties of the fully discrete bicompact schemes of the fourth order of spatial approximation for hyperbolic equations



Abstract The Fourier analysis of fully discrete bicompact fourth-order spatial approximation schemes for hyperbolic equations is presented. This analysis is carried out on the example of a model linear advection equation. The results of Fourier analysis are presented as graphs of the dependence of the dispersion and dissipative characteristics of the bicompact schemes on the dimensionless wave number and the Courant number. The dispersion and dissipative properties of bicompact schemes are compared with those of other widely used difference schemes for hyperbolic equations. It is shown that bicompact schemes have one of the best spectral resolutions among the difference schemes being compared.

Volume 139
Pages 136-155
DOI 10.1016/J.APNUM.2019.01.008
Language English
Journal Applied Numerical Mathematics

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