China Economic Review | 2021

One country, many industries: Heterogeneity of Chinese OFDI motivations at meso level



Abstract Research on the stimulants for Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is extensive. However most analysis incorporates theoretical models based on the Institution-Based View or, to a lesser extent, the Resource-Based View (RBV). These highlight the importance of the macro (country) and micro (firm) level, while largely ignoring the meso (industry) level. In addition, although investments are known to have several different motivations, stimulated by quite different factors, analysis tends to focus on aggregate FDI flows. We contribute to the literature by proposing an ‘industry-based view’ of FDI which takes account of heterogeneity across industries and FDI motivation. We apply this framework to Chinese OFDI in Europe, differentiating both in terms of investment motivations and sectoral characteristics at (meso) industry level and at (micro) firm level, in home and host countries. Using logistic and multinomial logistic models, our analysis confirms that different types of Chinese FDI (in terms of motivation) are stimulated by different industry-level characteristics in both home and host countries.

Volume 69
Pages 101672
DOI 10.1016/J.CHIECO.2021.101672
Language English
Journal China Economic Review

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