Composite Structures | 2019

Review of research on the vibration and buckling of the FGM conical shells



Abstract The purpose of this study is to provide an exhaustive review of the literature on the vibration and buckling of functionally graded materials (FGMs), functionally graded conical shells (FGCSs), functionally graded layered conical shells (FGLCSs), and functionally graded sandwich-conical shells (FGSCSs). The methodological solutions for various problems encountered in pure FGCSs and FGSCSs in the design, for example, linear and non-linear (NL) vibration and stability under various loads and the influences of the different environment are presented. The examples of FGM structures included in the review cover a wide range of applications in nuclear, space and marine engineering, electronics and biomedical fields.

Volume 211
Pages 301-317
DOI 10.1016/J.COMPSTRUCT.2018.12.047
Language English
Journal Composite Structures

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