Electric Power Systems Research | 2021

The optimization of soil parameters of horizontally multilayered soil in frequency domain by genetic algorithm with considering dynamic state field



Abstract A inversion method to determine frequency domain soil parameters of horizontally multilayered earth structure is developed. The inversion of frequency domain soil parameters is divided into two stages. At the first stage, layered structure of soil model is determined under the DC field. The estimated parameters in the first stage include the number of soil layers, DC resistivity and thickness of each layer. These parameters are obtained by interpreting resistivity sounding data. At the second stage, thickness of soil layers in frequency domain is equal to that in the DC field. Soil resistivity and permittivity are estimated by inverting complex apparent resistivity in frequency domain. Theoretical formulas of complex apparent resistivity are derived from Green’s function by considering dynamic state field theory. Discrete complex image method is applied to calculate Sommerfeld integral. Genetic algorithm is chosen to optimize soil parameters. The availability of the first stage of the proposed method is verified by applying the method to interpret field data. Both synthetic data and real measurement data are used to validate the second stage of the proposed method, and the synthetic data are generated by using the soil model obtained in the first stage. The application cases show the accuracy and reliability of the proposed method.

Volume 198
Pages 107279
DOI 10.1016/J.EPSR.2021.107279
Language English
Journal Electric Power Systems Research

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