Fungal biology | 2019

The Talaromyces pinophilus species complex.



A sample of isolates from Talaromyces pinophilus (55 isolates) and closely related species (76 isolates) was sequenced at four loci, the data were analyzed using maximum likelihood analysis and the GCPSR. The isolates were subjected to growth studies on the recommended media for description of Talaromyces species. On the basis of the combined data, five new species were segregated out of T.\xa0pinophilus and placed in newly described species. The T.\xa0pinophilus species complex contains ten species. The three other new species, Talaromyces argentinensis, T. californicus and T. louisianensis were not a part of the T.\xa0pinophilus species complex but occurred in Talaromyces sect. Talaromyces. T.\xa0argentinensis produces a teleomorphic state and is phylogenetically and morphologically distinct from other Talaromyces species.

Volume 123 10
Pages \n 745-762\n
DOI 10.1016/J.FUNBIO.2019.06.007
Language English
Journal Fungal biology

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