Journal of Alloys and Compounds | 2021

Magnetic properties and structure of L10 FePtC films prepared by using the electric treatment



Abstract We successfully fabricated L10 ordered FePt and FePt-C(30\u202fvol%) films without heat treatment by using electric treatment. The magnetic properties and structure of L10 FePt and FePtC films with different applied voltage and treatment time(t) have been investigated. With the increase of t, the out-of-plane coercivity (Hc) and chemical order parameter(S) of FePt films increase first and then decrease. The maximum values of Hc and S of FePtC films are larger than those of FePt films treated at 30\u202fV. FePtC films treated at higher applied voltage show excellent (001) texture, higher Hc, S, smaller grain size and better perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. Electric treatment will not like thermal treatment which causes excessive grain growth. This study provides a new method for the ordering of other alloy thin films except for heat treatment.

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DOI 10.1016/J.JALLCOM.2021.159087
Language English
Journal Journal of Alloys and Compounds

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