Journal of Functional Foods | 2019

Apigenin from daily vegetable celery can accelerate bone defects healing



Abstract Apigenin, a natural compound in celery, is found to have pro-osteogenesis capacity by screening in our previous work. This study is focused on its pro-osteogenesis mechanism evaluation. The pro-osteogenesis effect of apigenin (50\u202fmg/kg/day), was evaluated in skull defected (SD) mice by monitoring changes in bone histomorphometry index, formation of new osteoblasts from MSCs and changes in the synthesis of pro-osteogenic cytokines. Signal pathways were investigated by QPCR, Western blot and immunofluorescence. Apigenin has significant pro-osteogenesis effect in vivo, which can promote osteoblasts formation, the expression of osteoblasts-specific marker genes and osteoblasts marker protein in vitro. From the perspective of molecular biology, apigenin promotes osteoblasts formation and the activation of Wnt pathway as well as the induction and nuclei translocation of β-catenin. Driven by the results of this study, celery might be a useful alternative functional food in helping bone defects regeneration.

Volume 54
Pages 412-421
DOI 10.1016/J.JFF.2019.01.043
Language English
Journal Journal of Functional Foods

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