Materials Research Bulletin | 2019

Novel broad spectrum light responsive PPy/hexagonal-SnS2 photocatalyst for efficient photoreduction of Cr(VI)



Abstract Broad spectrum light response and high photo-carrier separation efficiency are two key postulates for promising photocatalysts. In this perspective, polypyrrole (PPy) modified hexagonal SnS2 nanosheet composites were firstly designed via in-situ polymerization method and used for Cr(VI) reduction with broad spectrum light (UV–vis-NIR) driven. Results indicated that 15-PPy/SnS2 composite material not only has good photocatalytic performance in the visible region (λ\u2009>\u2009420\u2009nm), but also has a great improvement in the visible (λ\u2009>\u2009550\u2009nm) and near-infrared (λ\u2009>\u2009760\u2009nm). With the analysis of EIS, PL and transient photocurrent responses, PPy can observably accelerate the separation of electrons-holes pair in the photocatalytic reaction. Trapping experiments indicated that e− and O2− all played master roles in the photoreduction process. Based on the trapping experiments and the Mott-Schottky analysis, a possible mechanism is proposed. This work will provide a thinking to construct other SnS2-based photocatalysts for efficient Cr(VI) reduction with full spectrum light utilization.

Volume 112
Pages 226-235
DOI 10.1016/J.MATERRESBULL.2018.12.017
Language English
Journal Materials Research Bulletin

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