Materials Today: Proceedings | 2021

IoT enabled advanced forest fire detecting and monitoring on Ubidots platform



Abstract The amount of land that we have lost during the 2019 forest fires is nearly 11.9 million hectares. The area of forest that is prone to forest fires is increasing day by day. The number of wild animals died during the forest fires is uncountable but in the recent Australian forest fires we have found that nearly a billion animals have died this includes 25,000 koalas. So, the main issue we have is can we prevent forest fires YES prevention is better than cure, but we humans are so deep in the usage of fossil fuels we need an estimated 30\xa0years to go carbon negative. So, the immediate work we must do is to stop the spreading of forest fires the main part of stopping forest fires is the detection of forest fires. We are using ESP32 board and rain sensors, sound sensor, DHT11 sensor, PIR sensor are being used.

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DOI 10.1016/J.MATPR.2021.02.343
Language English
Journal Materials Today: Proceedings

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