Nano Energy | 2021

Ultra-robust and broadband rotary hybridized nanogenerator for self-sustained smart-farming applications



Abstract The practical realization of nanogenerators for realistic applications of scavenging sustainable energy is still challenging due to their limited output performance and mechanical durability. Herein, a contactless mode triggering-based ultra-robust rotary hybridized nanogenerator (CMTUr-HNG) for efficiently harvesting wind- and water-flows in natural environments is reported. By implementing a soft magnetic-coupled triggering strategy, the hybrid electromagnetic-triboelectric nanogenerator shows high output performance under a broad range of rotational motions (50–1000\u202frpm) with excellent robustness. The electrospun nanofibers materials greatly improve the triboelectric performance while the electromagnetic structure is optimized by finite element method simulations. Therefore, the as-fabricated CMTUr-HNG delivers a maximum hybrid power of 40.65\u202fmW at a matching load resistance, while triboelectric and electromagnetic generators show a high output power density of 1568\u202fmW/kg and 386\u202fmW/kg at 500\u202frpm, respectively. The robustness of CMTUr-HNG is confirmed by a durability test for 8.5\u202fh (≈2,000,000 cycles) at 1000\u202frpm. As a feasible application, a self-powered wireless smart-farm monitoring system has been successfully implemented using the CMTUr-HNG, thereby demonstrating the immense potential of harvesting rotational energy for future autonomous sensing technologies.

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DOI 10.1016/J.NANOEN.2021.105974
Language English
Journal Nano Energy

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