Nuclear Engineering and Technology | 2021

Gamma ray interactions based optimization algorithm: Application in radioisotope identification



Abstract This work proposes a new efficient meta-heuristic optimization algorithm called Gamma Ray Interactions Based Optimization (GRIBO). The algorithm mimics different energy loss processes of a gamma-ray photon during its passage through a matter. The proposed novel algorithm has been applied to search for the global minima of 30 standard benchmark functions. The paper also considers solving real optimization problem in the field of nuclear engineering, radioisotope identification. The results are compared with those obtained by the Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Gravitational Search Algorithm and Grey Wolf Optimizer algorithms. The comparisons indicate that the GRIBO algorithm is able to provide very competitive results compared to other well-known meta-heuristics.

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DOI 10.1016/J.NET.2021.05.018
Language English
Journal Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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