South African Journal of Botany | 2019

Bioassay-guided isolation of urease inhibitors from Ferula narthex Bioss



Abstract The current study was designed to evaluate the urease inhibitory activities of the fractions of Ferula narthex Bioss, followed by bioassay guided isolation of new urease sesquiterpene coumarins, as potential urease inhibitors. The chloroform and ethylacetate fractions were found to be active against urease enzyme with IC50 values of 42.5 and 169.3\u202fμg/mL, respectively. Activity-directed fractionation and purification of chloroform fraction lead to the isolation of compounds 2–5., whereas compound 1 was isolated from ethylacetate faction. The compounds 5 showed a moderate urease inhibition with IC50 value of 18.80\u202fμg/mL, followed by compound 2 and 3 having IC50 values of 148.94 and 177.59\u202fμg/mL, respectively. The binding mode of interaction and energy of these compounds 2, 3 and 5 in the active site of urease were also identified by molecular docking studies. In summary, the extract showed good urease inhibition and their isolated compounds showed moderate to weak inhibition.

Volume 120
Pages 247-252
DOI 10.1016/J.SAJB.2018.07.011
Language English
Journal South African Journal of Botany

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