Biosensors & bioelectronics | 2019

Low-cost flexible plasmonic nanobump metasurfaces for label-free sensing of serum tumor marker.



The use of plasmonic metasurface for sensing has great potential on label-free detection of human tumor markers, which could benefit clinical examination. In this work, we adopt nanoimprint and plasma etching to optimize the nanofabrication for low-cost flexible plasmonic metasurface sensors with gold nanobump arrays, which enable facile surface bio-functionality, high sensitivity and simple optical measurement in the visible range. A high bulk refractive index sensitivity of 454.4 nm/RIU is achieved for the prototype plasmonic metasurface sensors at the wavelengths from 620\xa0nm to 720\xa0nm. The rapid quantitative tumor marker sensing of carcinoembryonic antigen in human serum samples from less than 10\xa0ng/mL to more than 87\xa0ng/mL is achieved, which demonstrates good agreement with the conventional chemiluminescence immunoassay system and sufficiently covers the threshold tumor marker concentration of 20\xa0ng/mL for early cancer prediction. Our method is capable of low-cost high-throughput manufacturing for flexible lightweight plasmonic metasurface sensors, which will facilitate wide applications on portable biomedical sensing devices for future point-of-care diagnosis and mobile healthcare.

Volume None
Pages \n 111905\n
DOI 10.1016/j.bios.2019.111905
Language English
Journal Biosensors & bioelectronics

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