iScience | 2021

Hybridized nanogenerators for effectively scavenging mechanical and solar energies



Summary Solar and wind energy harvesting technology is increasingly an economical and efficient energy form and receives excellent support from government policies worldwide. Various functional and structural nanogenerators based on multi-effects named hybridized nanogenerators have been reported separately or simultaneously to effectively generate the wasted mechanical and solar energy in our daily life. We review the development of hybridized nanogenerators, including the working mechanism of solar and mechanical energies. Moreover, the classification of nanogenerators for scavenging mechanical and solar energies is discussed. The potential applications of hybridized nanogenerators are reviewed. Finally, the challenge and prospective of hybridized nanogenerators and the future explored improvements of output performance, stability, preparation, large-scale utilizing, and efficiency are discussed. The hybridized nanogenerator as the energy technology will be popularized in energy and self-powered sensor systems.

Volume 24
Pages None
DOI 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102415
Language English
Journal iScience

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