Toxicology letters | 2019

Contact Transfer Risk from Fentanyl-Contaminated RSDL® Kit.



The RSDL® (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion) Kit contains a lotion-impregnated sponge extensively studied for the removal or neutralization of chemical warfare agents from skin. Pilot investigation of efficacy with industrial threat compounds noted that synthetic opioid fentanyl citrate was removed by the RSDL Kit but not chemically inactivated by the lotion. This implies that after use the RSDL Kit will contain intact fentanyl, which may pose a dermal health hazard if the fentanyl is then transferred to skin after use without proper handling. This in vitro investigation studied the contaminated RSDL Kit using three different concentrations of fentanyl with a skin contact time of 15\u2009minutes under direct interaction from passive contact, light touch, and leaning with one hand. It was demonstrated that the expected transfer of fentanyl from contaminated RSDL depends on 1) the concentration of fentanyl and 2) the area of the exposed surface. From a toxicological perspective, the contact risk of fentanyl under the conditions tested can be considered low but not absent. The present study determined that a contaminated RSDL Kit, used for removal of fentanyl, should be handled with proper care. Use of protective gloves in operational use and washing skin afterwards is advised to prevent undesired contamination.

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DOI 10.1016/j.toxlet.2019.11.013
Language English
Journal Toxicology letters

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