Inorganic chemistry | 2019

Five-Coordinate Low-Spin {FeNO}7 PNP Pincer Complexes.



The synthesis and characterization of air-stable cationic mono nitrosonium Fe(I) PNP pincer complexes of the type [Fe(PNP)(NO)Cl]+ are described. These complexes are obtained via direct nitroslyation of [Fe(PNP)Cl2] with nitric oxide at ambient pressure. On the basis of magnetic and EPR measurements as well as DFT calculations, these compounds were found to adopt a low-spin d7 configuration and feature a nearly linear bound NO ligand suggesting FeINO+ rather than FeIINO• character. X-ray structures of all nitrosonium Fe(I) PNP complexes are presented. Preliminary investigations reveal that [Fe(PNPNH- iPr)(NO)(Cl)]+ efficiently catalyzes the conversion of primary alcohols and aromatic and benzylic amines to yield mono N-alkylated amines in good isolated yields.

Volume 58 7
Pages \n 4641-4646\n
DOI 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b00235
Language English
Journal Inorganic chemistry

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