RSC Advances | 2019

Solid-state AIEnh-circularly polarised luminescence of chiral perylene diimide fluorophores



Solid-state organic fluorescent materials are important for the development of electroluminescent sensing devices. Herein, we report that N,N′-bis((R)-1-phenylethyl)perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic diimide [(R,R)-BPP] and its antipode [(S,S)-BPP], which contain extended π-electrons through planar perylenes, emit solid-state aggregation-induced-enhanced (AIEnh) circularly polarised luminescence (CPL) in inorganic (KBr) pellets and organic-polymer-film (PMMA- and myo-IPU-film) states; this CPL is difficult to observe in solution. These chiral perylene fluorophores emit AIEnh-CPL with high dissymmetry factors (gCPL) (up to 2.4 × 10−3) and high quantum yields (ΦF, up to 0.43) in the three solid matrices.

Volume 9
Pages 1976-1981
DOI 10.1039/C8RA09785B
Language English
Journal RSC Advances

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