Organic & biomolecular chemistry | 2019

Radical alkylation of isocyanides with amino acid-/peptide-derived Katritzky salts via photoredox catalysis.



An efficient and mild method was developed for the synthesis of 6-alkylated phenanthridines upon visible light irradiation. Bench-stable and easily handled redox-active Katritzky pyridinium salts derived from abundant amino acids/peptides were used as radical precursors for the alkylation of isocyanobiphenyl species. The reaction displays an excellent functional group tolerance and a potential utility for peptide functionalization, allowing access to desired products in good to excellent yields.

Volume 17 6
Pages \n 1531-1534\n
DOI 10.1039/c8ob02786b
Language English
Journal Organic & biomolecular chemistry

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