Chemical communications | 2021

One-pot synthesis of sulfonic acid functionalized Zr-MOFs for rapid and specific removal of radioactive Ba2.



Efficient decontamination of radioactive Ba2+ is of great significance to human health and environmental safety. Herein, an adsorbent based on the sulfonic acid functionalized Zr-MOF has been successfully developed, which could efficiently decontaminate radioactive Ba2+ with excellent selectivity, recyclability, a high adsorption capacity up to 60.8 mg g-1 as well as a short adsorption kinetic time of less than 5 min. This outstanding adsorption performance is attributed to the strong affinity between Ba2+ and high density -SO3H active sites in MOFs which were introduced by an in situ ligand modification strategy during the assembly of MOFs.

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DOI 10.1039/d1cc01740c
Language English
Journal Chemical communications

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