Iet Radar Sonar and Navigation | 2019

Design of spectrally compatible waveform with constant modulus for colocated multiple-input multiple-output radar



This study investigates the problem of designing unimodular waveform with spectral compatibility for multiple-input multiple-output radar in the presence of multiple targets and the signal-dependent interferences. A new approach is proposed to optimise the spectrally compatible radar waveform subject to not only the constant modulus constraint and the similarity constraint but also the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) requirements for targets, aiming at suppressing the radar energy in some space-frequency areas occupied by other cooperative communication systems. However, the formulated optimisation problem is NP-hard because of the existence of the non-convex constraints. Based on the dual ascent framework, the authors develop an iterative algorithm to solve this challenging problem. The receive filter is obtained at the beginning of each iteration with the off-the-shelf technique and an innovative method termed phase-only dual ascent method is proposed to get the desired waveform. Additionally, they analyse the performance of the waveforms designed under the global SINR constraint and the local SINR constraint, respectively. Moreover, the convergence of the proposed algorithm is discussed concretely. Finally, the numerical simulations are provided to show the validity of the proposed approach.

Volume 13
Pages 1373-1388
DOI 10.1049/IET-RSN.2019.0009
Language English
Journal Iet Radar Sonar and Navigation

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