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Multi-scale analysis on soil improved by alkali activated binders



In the present paper, the use of alkali activated binders to improve engineering properties of clayey soils is presented as an alternative to traditional binders such as lime or cement. An alkali-activated fly ash and its chemo-physical evolution has been monitored at increasing curing times by means of X-Ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Alkali-activated binder has been mixed with soil for evaluating the improvement of its mechanical behaviour. One-dimensional compression tests on treated samples have been performed with particular reference to effects induced by binder content and curing time. Test results showed a high initial reactivity of the alkali activated systems promoting formation of new mineralogical phases responsible of the mechanical improvement of the treated soil.

Volume 92
Pages 11003
DOI 10.1051/E3SCONF/20199211003
Language English
Journal None

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