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Smartphones as consumption tools: The adoption of Internet-enabled devices for shopping purposes



Research background: We develop a conceptual framework based on a systematic and comprehensive literature review on smartphones as consumption tools globally.Purpose of the article: Building our argument by drawing on data collected from Comscore, Econsultancy, and Statista, we performed analyses and made estimates regarding the adoption of Internet-enabled devices for shopping purposes: selected retail and shopping activities of EU smartphone users, most popular mobile shopping apps in the U.S. (by reach), adults in the EU who never make purchases on mobile devices (by gender), and consumers who use a mobile device for product research while shopping in-store worldwide (by country).Methods: The data for this research were gathered via an online survey questionnaire and were analyzed through structural equation modeling on a sample of 4,200 respondents.Findings & Value added : Smartphones have permeated the online community swiftly. The difficult task retailers confront is in obtaining consumers’ mutual support in supplying the information required to provide a customized shopping experience. Mobile payment privacy is associated with apprehensions that users may have concerning what will become of the data supplied when they adopt mobile payment. A satisfactory array of facilitating circumstances brings about greater purpose to adopt mobile shopping applications, especially when diverse viable functions such as convenience and swift purchase are provided. Intention to raise subsequent benefits from mobile buying should harmonize the lasting value predisposition of the mobile purchasers. The essential issue encountered by the service suppliers is how to turn the developing mobile payment operation into financial earnings.

Volume 92
Pages 5004
DOI 10.1051/SHSCONF/20219205004
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