Marine Geodesy | 2019

Development of a User-Centred Web-Mapping Application for Ocean Modellers



Abstract This paper reports on the User-Centred Design and development of a web-mapping application from the Ocean Mapping Group (OMG) at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), to deliver ocean mapping data to ocean modellers. First, a work domain analysis was conducted to determine the required application functionality and content, consisting of an ocean modeller informal interview, a competitive analysis, and an online survey. Taking insight from the work domain analysis, a requirements document was prepared to support the development of the first application prototype. This prototype was then evaluated by eight target users, using a cognitive walkthrough and an online survey. The results from this evaluation led to a series of revisions to the functionality, content, and interface of the web-mapping application, establishing the revised prototype. The results showed a useful tool, end-user satisfaction, and stated a wide range of recommendations to enhance functionality for the next steps of the development.

Volume 42
Pages 507 - 534
DOI 10.1080/01490419.2019.1666758
Language English
Journal Marine Geodesy

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