Occupational Therapy In Health Care | 2021

Fidelity of a Traffic Safety Education Intervention for Combat Veterans



Abstract Equipoise, feasibility, and fidelity were studied for the control condition of an occupational therapy driving intervention in a randomized controlled trial. We ranked equipoise and feasibility of six traffic safety education methods and created an implementation fidelity competency checklist. Education method selection was informed using the proportion of concordant ranks analysis while literature and a peer review informed competency checklist development. A proctored-online course delivery had the highest rater agreement (equipoise = .96 [.87–1.00]; feasibility = .99 [.97–1.00]). Implementation fidelity was supported by a 19-component training and evaluation checklist. This study supports promoting the scientific rigor of the RCT via - equipoise, feasibility, and implementation fidelity.

Volume 35
Pages 363 - 379
DOI 10.1080/07380577.2021.1923106
Language English
Journal Occupational Therapy In Health Care

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