World Leisure Journal | 2019

Leisure needs as perceived and experienced by deaf adults in the North West Province, South Africa



ABSTRACT Deaf people are often victims of marginalization in terms of mainstream activities, including recreation and leisure, resulting in unique leisure needs and experiences. The purpose of this study was to interpret and describe the leisure needs and experiences of deaf adults in the North West Province. A qualitative research design, utilizing face-to-face, semi-structured interviews, followed to collect data from 13 young deaf adults aged from 18–34 years. From the transcribed interviews, four themes (leisure meaning, leisure participation activities, leisure activities as encountered and experienced and need for diverse activities) were generated. The results showed that deaf adults perceived leisure meaning as an activity, time, and experience. Furthermore, leisure participation activities, such as soccer, swimming, chess, rugby, and athletics, were the main activities engaged in by deaf adults. Additionally, positive and negative experiences encountered by the participants included enjoyment, a sense of expressing themselves, and anger. Lastly, the participants were of the opinion that more leisure activities, such as having a barbeque, socializing, engaging in hula-hoops, travelling overseas and playing, should also be included to satisfy their leisure needs and levels. The study concluded that all-inclusive leisure activities that could lower the levels of vulnerability in deaf persons should be established.

Volume 61
Pages 131 - 143
DOI 10.1080/16078055.2019.1583603
Language English
Journal World Leisure Journal

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