CyTA - Journal of Food | 2019

Productivity, chemical composition and sensory quality of “Martaínha” chestnut variety treated with Silicon



ABSTRACT The increasing demand for healthy products rises the pressure on the chestnut production due to their nutritional qualities and beneficial health effects. Martaínha chestnut variety is most well-adapted with great economic importance due to its precocity and technological properties. The exogenous application of Silicon has an important role in agriculture because of improvement of plants nutrition. Nevertheless, the knowledge of impact of Silicon application in the production, sensory quality and chemical composition of chestnut fruits is limited. The application of Si in leaves (SL) and soil (SS) have important action on the prophylactic properties and the promotion of chestnuts health. Moreover, higher number of healthy fruits, caliber, fruits without rotten and tortrix infection and lower water loss in post-harvest chestnuts, in SL and SS samples, highlights the Si positive action. Additionally this study emphasizes some positive effects of Silicon on the chemical and sensory profile.

Volume 17
Pages 316 - 323
DOI 10.1080/19476337.2019.1579757
Language English
Journal CyTA - Journal of Food

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