Oncoimmunology | 2019

Maytansine-bearing antibody-drug conjugates induce in vitro hallmarks of immunogenic cell death selectively in antigen-positive target cells



ABSTRACT Oncology treatment has been revolutionized by the introduction of immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs, which enable 20–40% of patients to generate anti-tumor immune responses. Combination treatment approaches with chemotherapeutic drugs may enable responses in the remaining patient cohorts. In this regard, a handful of drugs are promising due to their ability to induce immunogenic cell death in target cells. However, these agents are systemically delivered and indiscriminately cytotoxic to proliferating cells. By contrast, antibody-drug conjugates can selectively deliver a cytotoxic payload to a tumor, sparing most healthy cells. The ability of antibody-drug conjugates to induce immunogenic cell death in target cells has not yet been determined, although preclinical in vivo studies suggest this possibility. Here, we describe for the first time production of the in vitro hallmarks of immunogenic cell death – ecto-calreticulin and secreted ATP and HMGB1 protein – by cells in response to treatment with antibody-drug conjugates bearing a maytansine payload.

Volume 8
Pages None
DOI 10.1080/2162402X.2019.1565859
Language English
Journal Oncoimmunology

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