Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics | 2019

Letter from the Editor



This issue of Human Vaccines & Therapeutics starts with a Portrait of Dr. Walter Orenstein of Emory University (Orenstein, p 2786). Six articles on vaccine Acceptance include a review of vaccine timelines anddelays inLMICs (Masters, p 2790), a qualitative study on the challenges facing healthcareworkers (HCWs) administering vaccines (Wiot, p 2806), a survey among Saudi HCWs about their attitudes to hepatitis B vaccination (Alshammari, p 2816), two assessments of quality of systematic reviews on vaccine interventions (Jaca, p 2824; Ndze, p 2836), and a commentary on the use and significance of vaccination cards (Wagner, p 2844). The Licensed Vaccines section presents research reports on the cost-effectiveness of measles vaccination in the workplace (Coppeta, p 2847), risks of measles in pregnancy (Marchi, p 2851) with associated Letter to the Editor (Sticchi, p 2854), population immunity to measles in Canada (Bolotin, p 2856), zoster vaccine safety and efficacy and the lack of association with medical condition at enrollment (Oostvogels, p 2865), safety of reduced-antigen-content DTaP vaccine in pregnancy (Sancovski, p 2873), and coverage following a vaccination campaign in Bangladesh (Khan, p 2882). Three Immunotherapy-related articles feature a product review of the sublingual hay fever tablet Grazax (Barber, p 2887), analysis of factors affecting responses to allergen immunotherapy (Jakalski, p 2896), and a report on the role of GM-CSF in immunogenicity (Seledtsov, p 2903). The Pneumococcal section introduces antibody profiles following PPV13 administration in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients (Lindström, p 2910), a case report on acute respiratory failure following vaccination (Kikuchi, p 2914), and a Letter to the Editor on the case of a 3-month-old who developed mastoiditis following PCV13 administration (Gülhan, p 2917). Three research articles on Influenza investigate potential public health benefits of a universal vaccine (DePasse, p 2919), uptake of vaccine in HCWs in Italy (Vimercati, p 2927), and a late-stage trial of a seasonal trivalent inactivated split-virion vaccine (Lan, p 2933). The Meningococcal section presents a review on immune persistence following 4CMenB vaccination and a booster dose (Martinón-Torres, p 2940), and immunogenicity and safety analysis of MenAC-TT vaccine in Chinese toddlers (Hu, p 2952). Clinical research studies highlight two frailty indices for use in clinical trials (Curran, p 2960), and physicians’ attitudes to patient requests to participate in a vaccine trial (Detoc, p 2969). Finally, we are happy to present evaluation of immune responses to a Novel Vaccine for Staphylococcus aureus (Ferraro, p 2980), a report on protection from Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection by a Passive Vaccine containing anti-exotoxin A antibodies (Zhang, p 2993), analysis of Rotavirus gene evolution and implications for vaccine development (Velasquez, p 3003), survey of maternal attitudes to adolescent HPV vaccination in Israel (Shibli, p 3009), a Public Health report on the cost of routine vaccinations in GP practices in England (Crocker-Buque, p 3016), and a Technology paper with bibliometric analysis of 100 topcited vaccinology studies (Zhang, p 3024). Our monthly News, Policy and Profiles (NP&P) track offers a selection of the latest news in the field of vaccines and immunotherapeutics. In this section we also regularly publish opinion pieces on timely, interesting and controversial topics related to vaccines and immunotherapeutics, profiles of companies and organizations, as well as portraits of distinguished scientists in our field. Please contact Acquisitions Editor Adam Weiss ([email protected]) with your ideas for commentaries, opinion pieces, profiles and portraits. Your suggestions for and contributions to our N&P&P track are always welcome!

Volume 15
Pages 2785 - 2785
DOI 10.1080/21645515.2019.1691424
Language English
Journal Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

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