Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources | 2019

Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Ardisia gigantifolia (Myrsinaceae), a vulnerable medicinal plant



Abstract Ardisia gigantifolia (Myrsinaceae) is a perennial shrub and widely distributed in Southeast Asia. It is well known for its medicinal values and has the potential for development of novel phytopharmaceuticals. Here, we first report and characterize its complete chloroplast genome based on Illumina paired-end sequencing data. The complete plastid genome was 156,216\u2009bp, which contained inverted repeats (IR) of 26,047\u2009bp separated by a large single-copy (LSC) and a small single-copy (SSC) regions of 85,725\u2009bp and 18,397\u2009bp, respectively. The cpDNA contains 134 genes, comprising 88 protein-coding genes, 37 tRNA genes, 8 rRNA genes, and 1 processed pseudogene. The overall GC content of the plastome is 37.3%. The phylogenetic analysis of 17 selected chloroplast genomes demonstrated that A. gigantifolia is closely related to the congeneric A. polysticta.

Volume 4
Pages 4037 - 4038
DOI 10.1080/23802359.2019.1688727
Language English
Journal Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources

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