Physics Education | 2021

Investigation of magnetic resonance in the domain of variable magnetization



Classical magnetic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when the magnetic moment is exposed to combined strong, constant external, and weak alternating magnetic fields. When the frequency of the alternate magnetic field matches the resonant frequency of the oscillator, the amplitude of its oscillation increases drastically. Since the magnetic moment of the macroscopic sample depends on the applied external magnetic field, some magnetic properties of the oscillator’s material can be measured. In this paper, we described an apparatus that we developed to observe classical magnetic resonance using a compass needle. The resonant frequency versus magnetic field was measured in the range where the magnetization of a compass needle depends on the strength of an external magnetic field. While the resonant frequencies are very attractive and easy to observe, remanent magnetization, initial susceptibility, and the Rayleigh constant can also be measured.

Volume 56
Pages None
DOI 10.1088/1361-6552/ac0a89
Language English
Journal Physics Education

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