Journal of Physics: Conference Series | 2021

The Optimization of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness for AISI D3 Steel



Surface finish is one of the most important quality characteristics in manufacturing industries which influences the performance of mechanical parts. This research is focused on the optimization of machining parameters on surface roughness for parting or cut-off operation for the turning process. In machining operations, achieving desired surface quality features of the machined product are really a challenging job. These quality features are highly correlated and are expected to be influenced directly with the effect of process parameters used. Thus, the inputs of machining parameters such as cutting speed (v), feed rates (f) and depth of cut (d) have been selected and the experimental works were designed using the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) for machining AISI D3 steel. The results revealed that at a minimum cutting speed of 140m/min, a minimum feed rate of 0.01mm/rev and a minimum of depth of cut 1 mm give better surface finish. The study concludes that the surface roughness AISI D3 steel is greatly influenced by feed rate and cutting speed which is proven its reliability to obtain the desired level of surface roughness.

Volume 1874
Pages None
DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/1874/1/012063
Language English
Journal Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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