Journal of Physics: Conference Series | 2021

Research on the perceived risk of pesticide residues and consumption intention of fresh fruits and vegetables



The situation of pesticide residues in fresh fruits and vegetables was analyzed, and the necessity of the study was proposed; the factors influencing the risk perception of pesticide residues were analyzed, and the risk perception level questionnaire was designed and implemented, and the results showed that the higher the age, income, education level and living standard, the higher the risk perception level of pesticide residues; from the perspective of pulling the food consumption of people with high literacy and high income, strengthening the Internet media’s social orientation and supervision responsibilities, and suggesting the government to participate in the supervision and management of the whole food production process, three aspects are proposed to improve the willingness to consume and promote consumption.

Volume 1976
Pages None
DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/1976/1/012065
Language English
Journal Journal of Physics: Conference Series

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