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Reservoir Rock Genetic Types Using Log Curve Shapes: Abu- Madi Formation, Offshore Nile Delta - Baltim Gas Field, Egypt



Recognizing of detail rock genetic types in Abu-Madi Formation using log curve shapes techniques is the main object of this research work. Abu-Madi Formation has been drilled in The Baltim gas field, offshore Nile Delta, and is deposited in a fluvio-marine environment which exhibits complex lithofacies. It is composed mainly of sandstone intercalated with siltstone and shale interbeds. The Abu Madi Formation is considered as the main gas producing reservoir rock in the Baltim gas field. Facies analysis and reconstruction of facies patterns for Abu-Madi Formation were performed using Log curve shapes interpretation. The constructed vertical profiles of three borehole logs data against lithologic intervals of the Abu-Madi Formation define the depositional history and the prevailing different rock genetic types. Two main rock genetic types were recognized indicating deltaic sedimentation. They are: 1. Distributary channel and 2. Stream Mouth bar deposits. They are exhibited either by a single unit of distributary channel or a complex superimposed on a stream mouth bar unit. Generally, they are representing lower deltaic plains and deltaic fringes sediments respectively. These rock genetic types are considered as the main gas producing zones in the Baltim field.

Volume 221
Pages 12045
DOI 10.1088/1755-1315/221/1/012045
Language English
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