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Nutrition Retention of Product Based on Soybean Sprouts Flour and Corn Sprout Flour Enriched with Duck Eggshell



Grains including soybean sprouts have better bioactive component than the seeds, and they have potential as a functional food specifically for bone health. The formulation of carbohydrate source and the sprout-based protein provides high nutritional composition which is capable to give better effect to bone health when it is enriched by calcium source ingredients. One of the natural ingredients of calcium sources that have not been used to enrich calcium in food products is eggshell. The combination of formula-based sprouts of corn and soybeans (KEJALE) with eggshell flour can be advanced into food products might be considered as an alternative functional food for bone health. Nevertheless, high nutritional content of food is worsening by food processing. This study aimed to evaluate nutritional retention in some processed products based on corn starch flour and soybean seed flour enriched by eggshells. Processed products based on KEJALE flour in this study are cereals, cookies, and steamed buns. Eggshell flour added as much as 10% of the total formula KEJALE. The results showed that cookies and steamed buns products decreased in protein, fiber and ash. Cereal products generally have higher carbohydrate, protein, fiber, ash, and calcium retention than the other two products except fat. Cereals with enrichment of eggshell 10% had the highest carbohydrate retention (19.34%); whereas the highest protein retention was available in the treatment of eggshell addition 5% (293%). Furthermore, calcium retention of cereal was the highest among the products which revealed 558.82%; 594.74% and 979.37% in eggshell enrichment 5%, 10%, and 15% respectively.

Volume 292
Pages 12009
DOI 10.1088/1755-1315/292/1/012009
Language English
Journal None

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