Materials Research Express | 2021

Nano-CaCO3 synthesis by tangential jet from carbide slag



The nano calcium carbonate with a smaller particle size is prepared by carbide slag in the improved tangential jet-reactor, and is characterized by means of SEM, XRD, and the specifics surface area. The results show that the particle agglomeration is mainly positively related to the calcium hydroxide saturation and liquid flow rate. And the particle size is correlated with liquid flow rate and carbon dioxide flow rate and concentration. And the sample obtained in the improved tangential jet-reactor has a smaller particle size than the bottom jet-reactor under the same conditions. Moreover, the specific area of calcium carbonate prepared under the optimal condition has increased from 8.3065 m2 g−1 to 11.3829 m2 g−1, and the particle size reduces from 266 nm to 199 nm by 27%.

Volume 8
Pages None
DOI 10.1088/2053-1591/ac2285
Language English
Journal Materials Research Express

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