European Journal of Public Health | 2021

Portuguese European spoken cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the patient perception of patient-centredness (PPPC)



\n \n \n There is growing evidence supporting the relevance of practicing Person-Centered Medicine (PCM). An English language tools exists to evaluate it from the person’s perspective.\n The aim of this study was to culturally adapt and validate for the European spoken Portuguese the Patient Perception of Patient-Centeredness (PPPC), a 9-item questionnaire 4 grade answering, created by Moira Stewart with an internal consistency of 0.80, Cronbach s alpha.\n \n \n \n PPPC translation to Portuguese (PPPC-Pt), medical experts analisys, back-translation and degree of readability measurement were performed. Cross-sectional multicentric observational studies in convenience samples of persons having attended medical appointments and applying the PPPC-Pt and gender, age and academic training epidemiologic questioning were performed. Internal consistence by Cronbach’s alpha and descriptive and inferential statistical analysis were made for P < 0.01 level for difference.\n \n \n \n PPPC-Pt internal consistency of Cronbach’s alpha = 0.724, range 0.691 to 0.720, item-total correlations between 0.324–0.652, F-test of F = 32 343.086, P < 0.001, reliability of ρ = 0.960; P < 0.001, and Flesh Index of ‘easy’ were found. In n = 570, 36.8% women, 17.0% under 35 and 36.3% above 65 years, 48.9% at 6th level and 16.3% high educational level, a mean ± SD of 32.7 ± 3.7, median 33, minimum 13 maximum 36 points no differences were found for gender P = 0.732, age P = 0.572 and educational level P = 0.436 for the mean score of the PPPC-Pt.\n \n \n \n The PPPC-Pt was cross-culturally adapted and is reliable and a valid measure of the measure of person perception of a PCM for the Portuguese population, even though with slight internal consistency (0.724 Pt and 0.800 Eng)\n

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DOI 10.1093/eurpub/ckab120.016
Language English
Journal European Journal of Public Health

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