IEEE Magnetics Letters | 2019

Soft Magnetic Multilayered FeSiCrB–Fe$_{x}$N Metallic Glass Composites Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering



Novel multilayered FeSiCrB–Fe<inline-formula><tex-math notation= LaTeX >$_{x}$</tex-math></inline-formula>N (<italic>x</italic> = 2–4) metallic glass composites were fabricated using spark plasma sintering of FeSiCrB amorphous ribbons (Metglas 2605SA3 alloy) and Fe<inline-formula><tex-math notation= LaTeX >$_{x}$</tex-math></inline-formula>N (<italic>x</italic> = 2–4) powder. Crystalline Fe<inline-formula><tex-math notation= LaTeX >$_{x}$</tex-math></inline-formula>N can serve as a high magnetic moment, high electrical resistance binder, and lamination material in the consolidation of amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons, mitigating eddy currents while boosting magnetic performance and stacking factor in both wound and stacked soft magnetic cores. Stacking factors of nearly 100% can be achieved in an amorphous ribbon/iron nitride composite. FeSiCrB–Fe<inline-formula><tex-math notation= LaTeX >$_{x}$</tex-math></inline-formula>N multilayered metallic glass composites prepared by spark plasma sintering have the potential to serve as a next-generation soft magnetic material in power electronics and electrical machines.

Volume 10
Pages 1-5
DOI 10.1109/LMAG.2019.2906832
Language English
Journal IEEE Magnetics Letters

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