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Assisting Example-based API Misuse Detection via Complementary Artificial Examples



Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow their users to reuse existing software functionality without implementing it by themselves. However, using external functionality can come at a cost. Because developers are decoupled from the API’s inner workings, they face the possibility of misunderstanding, and therefore misusing APIs. Prior research has proposed state-of-the-art example-based API misuse detectors that rely on existing API usage examples mined from existing code bases. Intuitively, without a varied dataset of API usage examples, it is challenging for the example-based API misuse detectors to differentiate between infrequent but correct API usages and API misuses. Such mistakes lead to false positives in the API misuse detection results, which was reported in a recent study as a major limitation of the stateof-the-art. To tackle this challenge, in this paper, we first undertake a qualitative study of 384 falsely detected API misuses. We find that around one third of the false-positives are due to missing alternative correct API usage examples. Based on the knowledge gained from the qualitative study, we uncover five patterns which can be followed to generate artificial examples for complementing existing API usage examples in the API misuse detection. To evaluate the usefulness of the generated artificial examples, we apply a state-of-the-art example-based API misuse detector on 50 open source Java projects. We find that our artificial examples can complement the existing API usage examples by preventing the detection of 55 false API misuses. Furthermore, we conduct a pre-designed experiment in an automated API misuse detection benchmark (MUBench), in order to evaluate the impact of generated artificial examples on recall. We find that the API misuse detector covers the same true positive results with and without the artificial example, i.e., obtains the same recall of 94.7%. Our findings highlight the potential of improving API misuse detection by pattern-guided source code transformation techniques.

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DOI 10.1109/tse.2021.3093246
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