Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work | 2019

Australian students going to the Pacific Islands: International social work placements and learning across Oceania



INTRODUCTION: This paper explores various issues pertinent to international social work practice, including its definition, how Western epistemologies affect international placements, barriers to effective placements and student motivations for undertaking practicum away from home.\xa0 METHOD: Reviewed literature will be coupled with Australian student-participants’ evaluations of their experience in completing social work placements in Fiji and Samoa. FINDINGS: A new model of approaching Pacific social work across Oceania emerges from the study. Entitled\xa0 Tanoa Ni Veiqaravi (Serving Bowl of Serving Others), this culturally nuanced framework integrates both Western and Pacific social work perspectives to support professional practice, policy development and research across the region. CONCLUSIONS: Recommendations for the improvement of international field practice are offered.

Volume 30
Pages 56-69
DOI 10.11157/ANZSWJ-VOL30ISS4ID613
Language English
Journal Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work

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