BMJ Case Reports | 2019

Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma: a diagnostic challenge in sinonasal lesions



Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma (REAH) is a rare lesion in nasal cavity first reported by Wenig and Heffner in 1995. Most commonly seen in men in third to ninth decade of life. Majority of cases presents as a polypoidal mass in one or both nasal cavities. We experienced such a case of REAH originating from the nasal septum, in posterior aspect, treated by endoscopic approach. It is important to differentiate REAH from other sinonasal pathologies like inverted papilloma and low grade sinonasal adenocarcinoma. Complete surgical resection is the treatment of choice.

Volume 12
Pages None
DOI 10.1136/bcr-2019-230082
Language English
Journal BMJ Case Reports

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